First Family Inner Qigong

Low Quality Zoom Recording: Bottle Breathing and the Spleen Meridian

Inner Qigong Lung Meditation

Bottle Breathing and Using the Lower Lobes of the Lung

The Tai Yin, Expanding the Organs and Expanding into your Personal Space.

How protection is a natural consequence of expansion. Moving from the TAIYIN to the YANGMING

From Lung to Large Intestine; How expansion is a natural and sustainable form of protection.

Using the voice to practice the soft outward push of the Large Intestine.

Using the voice to activate the Large Intestine function

Working with Stomach Energy

More working with Stomach Energy

The Story of the First Family – The theory of the Yang Ming and Tai Yin

The four corners of the breath and the Nine Purification Breaths

The Four Corners of the Breath and the Nine Purification Breaths – 2