Inner Voicework

The voice is the most direct and personal expression of our energy, the dark sides of it as well as the light. Working with the voice can help you to open and value all the corners of your being. Sometimes the work is challenging, but it’s always rewarding and often deeply pleasurable. The work is based on the pioneering teaching of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart, who developed ways of working with the voice to access and liberate the self. You do not need to be a singer. In fact, if you feel you can’t sing, this is for you!

The work focuses on using the voice to be authentic rather than training it to pretend. Using the voice to reach into ourselves and to reach out to touch others. In the Inner Qi Gong classes we use it to feel the different qualities of energy connecting the body into an integrated whole. Bill Palmer’s view of the work is:

“I see each one of us as a group all speaking through the same mouth. Many members of the group are silent and often the personality is dominated by one or two spokesmen, which means that most of our energy is hidden and suppressed. The key to this work is helping each member of our internal group to have a voice.

Roy Hart identified his work with the god Abraxus who joined together the dark and the light to be whole. I feel I am carrying on that tradition.”